L.L.O.Y.D Agencies

  • Chicago, IL, USA
Apr 27, 2021
L.L.O.Y.D Agencies Chicago, IL, USA
As the largest single insurer of individual plans in the world, we provide membership and benefit plans to over 60,000 organizations nationwide including the largest labor organizations in the world such as the IBT, USW, IBEW, SEIU, etc. American veterans' organizations like VFW, American Legion, AMVETS, and many others are some of our largest clients. We also serve the transportation industry specifically in the United States. We have contracts and relationships with some of the largest, most powerful and influential organizations and companies in the trucking industry. Our services provide continuity of income for families affected by the loss of a breadwinner, lay offs, injuries, and more. We provide for college education, mortgage, and income protection among many others. We have over 60 Billion dollars of product in force. In this position you will be managing a team of people customizing our services for our members. Being that our members are very broad in their duties, this...