• Malden, MA, USA
Apr 27, 2021
Midas KENTCO Malden, MA, USA
At Midas we are dedicated to providing quality services to customer vehicles in the areas of inspection, diagnosis and repair utilizing the expertise attained through ASE Certifications and/or years of automotive repair experience. We are looking for automotive technicians/mechanics that are able to work independently of others, while also being able to work collaboratively at times with peers. We have a full-service facility and we are looking for automotive technicians to help us create an environment of success! Responsibilities As a Midas automotive technician, youll be exposed to and have responsibility for performing a wide range of diagnostics, repairs and maintenance, including: Diagnostics using state-of-the-art computer systems Tires and tire repair Car heating and air conditioning Steering and suspension Belts and hoses Radiator and engine cooling systems Batteries, starting and charging Steering and suspension Brakes and brake repair Oil changes Check engine light...