• Grass Valley, CA, USA
Apr 27, 2021 Hillsville, VA 24343, USA
House built in the 30’s with a broken motise lock. It is their front door. I may have found one on Amazon that will work. I need someone with phone camera so we can communicate better about type of lock
Apr 27, 2021 Kingman, AZ, USA
Tenant moved out. minor plumbing, change door locks, ceiling needs repair where cooler leaked, maybe change tub if cannot be secured, some cabinet drawers can be adjusted. Can pay by hour or make a bid after making a list of what needs to be done.
Apr 27, 2021 Adelanto, CA, USA
Need a camera doorknob installed and need a sensor on garage door and some drywall under kitchen sink.looking for reasonable prices
Apr 27, 2021 Grass Valley, CA, USA
Leaking faucet at washing machine Possible deck stating and/or painting Minor fix its throughout the house