• San Diego, CA, USA
Apr 27, 2021
Sendlane San Diego, CA, USA
Hello! We'll start by introducing ourselves. We're Sendlane! A SaaS startup in Scripps Ranch that's disrupting an entire industry by influencing the way people learn about and use email marketing automation. Established in 2015, we've grown year over year and that's been possible because we are constantly looking to out-do ourselves and evolve.Our team's dedication to making Sendlane what it is today is humbling which is why we're looking for that next "special someone" to help take us to the next level. That's where you come in!Listen, we get it. Job hunting is 100% THE worst. So, we're happy to tell you the search is over! You did it! You finally found the company of your dreams. Go ahead and give your boss "the finger", flip your desk, knock over your cubicle and march your happy self on over to Sendlane HQ!Just kidding...we have to invite you. Please don't just show up. Anyway, we're looking for our Vice President, Marketing. To start, we are an email and SMS marketing...